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Honeypot Tech Recruiting
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Recruitsy Headhunter
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JobPal Chatbot
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Recruiterly Reputation Management
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Talent Savant Headhunter
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2018 Nominees

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Nominee - Wonderkind

Job advertising technology that reaches both active and passive job seekers


HeyJobs is a candidate sourcing platform for high-volume hiring demands

Nominee - GoHire

Award Winning Recruiting Chatbots and Universal Messaging to Engage candidates on their messaging platform of choice

Nominee - Recrudo

We do results-oriented automated sourcing to find good employees fast

Nominee - Happy Recruiter
Happy Recruiter

Happy Recruiter is a platform that is using Artificial Intelligence to select and interview skilled workers according to job requirements

Nominee - Interview Schedule
Interview Schedule

Tired of playing ‘Calendar Tetris’? Interview Schedule streamlines recruiting scheduling to give top talent teams an edge.

Nominee - Talent Savant
Talent Savant

Talent Savant is a one-of-a-kind, mission-based company. We have recruiters in every geography and industry in the nation.

Nominee - Avrio

Using the power of data, Avrio is capable of evaluating talent at scale and dramatically reducing the time recruiter’s spend qualifying candidates

Nominee - Botmatic

Automate the process from candidates application to employees on-boarding with chatbots

Nominee - is a curated recruiting marketplace that connects exceptional talent with top technology companies

Nominee - Wepow

Wepow’s video interviewing solution helps organizations hire faster and reduce costs while preserving human connection.

Nominee - Recruitsy

First-to-market public rating and review platform built exclusively for the staffing and recruiting industry

Nominee - Talkpush

Talkpush is a conversation-first CRM which improves conversion rates in the recruitment funnel

Nominee - Jobbatical

Jobbatical connects globally minded companies with a community of ready-to-relocate business, technology and creative professionals

Nominee -

Job search made simple for developers in Europe. Build your profile in 5 minutes, receive 5 job offers that match your skills, and get hired.

Nominee - Sparc

Engage candidates with enhanced job descriptions that feature 20-second videos of the hiring manager. Create a connection between candidates and your opportunities.

Nominee - Frrole

Frrole DeepSense helps talent acquisition teams take recruiter productivity to the next level by automating a part of the candidate evaluation process

Nominee -
Relocate is a job relocation platform for software developers seeking long-term employment opportunities abroad.

Nominee - blablaDev

blablaDev is a web service that discovers new talented developers for whoever needs them

Nominee - SmartDreamers

SmartDreamers is a recruitment marketing platform that helps companies automise the recruitment process

Nominee - LineHire

LineHire is a web app that delivers employers a short-list of interview-ready candidates 2x faster and at half the cost.

Nominee - Papaya Global
Papaya Global

Papaya bridges together LegalTech, HRTech, FinTech and RegTech in a way that improves infrastructure and facilitates global growth

Nominee - Ratedly

Ratedly monitors anonymous employee review websites and sends you alerts when new ones are posted online

Nominee - Scowt
Scowt Recruiting

Partner with VCs to hire for their startups

Nominee - Joonko

Joonko (Techstars ‘16, Salesforce Incubator ‘17) is solving Diversity and Inclusion challenges using AI, in real-time

Nominee - Taledo

Taledo is a curated recruiting platform connecting the top 10% of candidates with top companies in the digital ecosystem


JobUFO allows mobile and video experienced applicants to give a real first impression of themselves

Nominee Talview

Talview is mobile-video hiring solution with interviews code tests, and onboarding

Nominee - WebClipDrop

Helps recruiters go 2-3x faster by letting them clip contacts, find emails and drop data into any CRM or ATS

Nominee - FluentIQ

With built-in video and 100% ID verification Fluent IQ is change the way we assess the most vital skill in any role around the world – communication

Nominee - Recruiterly

The worlds first recruiter branding and reputation management platform.

Nominee - Scoutible

Scoutible is the world’s first video game-based AI for hiring top talent

Nominee - Weirdly

Weirdly uses data-science and customization to automatically filter job applicants by how well they complement your company culture

Nominee - Joblift

Joblift is a job platform providing candidates with the most intuitive and frictionless experience during the recruiting process

Nominee - Fintros

Fintros is a blind recruitment AI powered talent discovery platform where firms can access and hire candidates not actively seeking a job is an inclusive end-to-end leadership culture recruiting and analytics platform

Nominee - Blendoor

Blendoor captures candidate data from your existing applicant tracking systems and/or online job boards

Nominee - Echoz

“Echoz – affiliate headhunting” it’s the online platform that allows IT companies to promote their job openings by using external affiliates.

Nominee - VideoMyJob

At VideoMyJob, our vision is to make it simple for every hiring manager, HR or recruitment consultant to create an engaging, well branded, video job ad

Nominee - is a hiring solution for the modern employer and the empowered workforce alike

Nominee - PathMotion

PathMotion enables candidates to engage with current employees to better understand what it’s like to work in their organization

Nominee - Employment Trust
Employment Trust

Human Intelligence fully utilizing Artificial Intelligence to help companies find great talent

Nominee - InterviewJet

InterviewJet is a members-only hiring platform. Each week, we feature the top technologists and data talent that our team has pre-screened and fully vetted.

Nominee - Talentcube

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for mobile video recruiting


We surface candidates who are diverse and pre-screened for talent and fit to join a company. is a decentralized candidate application built on the ethereum blockchain

Nominee - Humantelligence

Leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform leveraging AI and talent analytics to measure team culture and help recruit for culture fit and predictive success.

Nominee - Drafted

Drafted intelligently matches quality candidates in your company network to your open roles

Nominee - HireClub

HireClub makes finding a job fast, friendly, and effective. HireClub reaches 6.4 million people. Diversity is core to who we are.


Vettd ranks candidates by job fit using NLP on job descriptions and resumes

Nominee -

Candidate-driven tech careers marketplace dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with great opportunities

Nominee - Survale

Survale provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon satisfaction and engagement data


Online marketplace where 1 million students find local part-time jobs, full-time jobs and internships

Nominee - VanHack

We help tech talent get jobs abroad and help companies tap into a global candidate pool quickly

Nominee - Paysa

Paysa helps employees understand their market worth / value, and connects them to jobs that help them achieve it

Nominee - easyRECrue

easyRECrue is Europe’s leading video interviewing & language assessment platform provides intelligent interview scheduling for recruiting teams

Nominee - Ideal

Ideal uses A.I. and chatbot technology to automate time-consuming recruiting tasks including screening, sourcing and qualifying candidates

Nominee - JobPal

JobPal builds chatbots for the recruiting context with a strong focus on user experience

Nominee - WD Gigs
WD Gigs

WD Gigs is the first recruiting platform to focus solely on Workday related jobs, projects and professionals from all around the world.

Nominee - Uncommon

Uncommon IQ™ is the industry’s first recruiting platform that connects companies with only interested and qualified candidates


Sapling offers onboarding & ramping of new-hires to peak employee performance.


Honeypot helps programers get great jobs at great companies. No application, just your profile and your code


All-in-one Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Marketing platform that helps companies find and attract qualified candidates and win the “War for Talent”

Nominee - Reflik

Reflik, the leader in crowdsourcing talent, finds the perfect ready-to-hire candidates in 10 days or less, through its extensive community of thousands of recruiters


Talentwunder forecast candidates’ willingness to change jobs and lets recruiters connect with talent across 50+ networks

Nominee - Refdash

Fast-track through technical interviews

Nominee - EmployUs

We help companies super-charge their employee referral programs and strengthen their employer brand

Nominee - Untappt

Untappt helps you define the right talent acquisition strategy for your company and show you how to find and hire the right candidates


JobsMarkt Connects Employers with Talent Using Intelligent Recruitment and Aim to Remove the Need of Hiring “Middleman”

Nominee - Ivey Talent Partners
Ivey Talent Partners

Bringing communication and relationship building back into the recruiting process.

Nominee - AssureHire

Background screening technology with mobile first candidate experience, automated compliance, single-sign-on integrations and fastest report delivery

Nominee - Portfolium

Portfolium is disrupting college recruiting by matching jobs with proven skills, not resumes.

Nominee - LINKAVIE

LINKAVIE greatly improves recruitment productivity thanks to its multi-channel messaging system, TIMEKO

Nominee - Journey

Journey is a game based interactive simulation which allows companies to quickly screen candidates by assessing skills

Nominee - Empirical Hire
Empirical Hire

A dynamic, pre-hire screening test that uses algorithms for Data Driven decisions in hiring

Nominee - TapRecruit

TapRecruit uses the performance data from over 9 million job descriptions to identify opportunities and errors in job content

Nominee - CrowdMSP

Crowd based hiring platform for startups, small and medium size business


Past Judges

Judge - Matt Galloo Matt Gallo Partner Insight Ventures
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Judge - Tejas Maniar Tejas Maniar Partner Mayfield
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Judge - Jeff Diana Jeff Diana former CHRO multiple companies
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